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Alba Locks has made extraordinary hardware for small and large projects: luxury villas and estates, high end boutique hotels and award winning resorts. He maintained a striking balance between the two different worlds and this was integral to the success of this venture. Original designs, unexpected finishes, the best quality materials and precision engineering. To this, the company has added sustainable design and production, caring for the environment. For Alba Locks, there is no compromise on any of these core principles, as he believes that is the only way to build a lasting brand.

Today Alba Locks boasts of its expertise in variety of developments, manufacturing, finishes and packaging it can offer to its customers. Since entire processes are available in-house and are absolutely under quality check at every step, ensuring excellence in quality products. Our manufacturing facilities have been evaluated, approved and high graded by some of the largest retailers.

These ratings would have been impossible if we would not have shared a common culture of openness to suggestions, culture of shared belief that quality is utmost important, and a culture of health, security and safety for the environment and workforce.

Being an OEM manufacturer we are well armed to develop and supply customized products. Our in-house R & D team can custom develop products based on drawings, samples or ideas making us mass manufacturer and mass customization solution to our customers. We welcome all your suggestions and invaluable guidance to further improve the quality of our products and services.


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